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Jennifer Kay


Over her 20+ year tenure, Jennifer has helped transform Stevenson from a boutique, pharma-focused firm into a leader across LifeSciences. Our Biotech and Biopharma clients know her as a trusted advisor andguide while hiring critical Executive Leadership roles. In fact, Merck, Takeda,and Moderna are just a few clients who’ve recently asked for her by name toscale up their R&D and commercialization leadership.

Jennifer’s prior experience includes roles in marketing andorganizational development for American Express. She earned an MBA from theStern School of Business at NYU and a BA in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan. She serves as an active advisor to the Buccino Leadership Institute and the Transformative Leadership Executive Program at Seton Hall University.

Almost an empty nester, Jennifer has recently freed up sometime for golf and to pursue additional accredited certification as an ExecutiveLeadership Coach. She also loves volunteering and regularly donates her time toInterfaith Food Pantry of the Oranges.